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In School Programs

We offer multiple tutoring programs that are uniquely designed specifically to your organization’s needs. We work with public, private, and charter schools, youth organization’s, churches, and other entities interested in having a tutoring program at their site. For more information about having an educational program designed for your site, please contact our office toll free at 866-698-6537.

Common Core Enrichment

Using Common Core curriculum, we guide students through their grade level standards to prepare them for state standardized tests. This program also improves regular academic performance in the classroom.

Champ Camp

We create a dynamic learning environment through instruction, games, and activities. Students will learn a concept then play a game to reinforce the material. Champ Camp is the ideal after school program for energetic kid who will have the ultimate "fun" experience while learning.

Career Planning and Life Skills

High school students will gain college and career readiness preparation through engaging topics such as exploring careers, applying to college, financial responsibility, conflict management, healthy decision making, and much, much more. Students will learn about the challenges of college, career, and life as we simulate real life experiences in the classroom.


We understand the importance and anxiety caused by college entrance exams. Our instructors deliver the highest quality test prep while keeping student stress levels low. We use the most up to date materials, and can present instruction live or in a hybrid of live and online settings.

Custom Programs

Our team can design a custom program for your school or organization’s needs. Whether we are working with kids or adults, we can provide creative and relevant courses that deliver results. Please contact our office using the contact form or our toll free number 866-698-6537.