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Specialty Programs

A Tree of Knowledge is growing roots in many communities. As a Preferred Vendor of Inspire Charter Schools, we are proud to offer homeschooling families a twice per week/five (5) hours per day drop-off program throughout the school year. A staff or credentialed teachers and highly qualified teaching assistants will deliver an integrated enrichment program covering such core concepts as English Language Arts, Math and History with a focus on Environmental Science. Our mission is to increase awareness of the relationship between humanity and the ecosystems in which we live. In-class, project based learning will culminate with field trips calculated to provide hands-on experiences with the subject at hand. All ages are welcome. High school students in particular will be assigned a dedicated High School teaching assistant to support completion of core subjects to gain high school credits. Those high schoolers on the “A-G Track” will have access to required wet-labs within the program.

Inspire Charter families may choose to enroll in the Specialty and enjoy $ 500.00 towards Enrichment Funds. Main group Inspire Charter families and all other homeschooling Charter School families may choose the flexibility of a "half-unit of study," "a unit of study" or an entire semester of study.

i. Central Coast Specialty @ Nipomo, Nipomo Creek Farms, 505 Tefft Road, Nipomo. Services to be offered 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays. To commence week of September 4, 2018.